Monday, September 08, 2008


I started my Wilton #1 Cake decorating class tonight.

After thinking about and talking about taking these classes for three years now (yes, you read that right, three years), I finally signed up and am taking class #1.

Next week I actually get to use the tools and try some techniques out. This week it was all demonstration (by the instructor). I'll bring my camera in next Monday and take pictures if I make anything worth while (or maybe even of my mistakes).

Thank goodness my birthday is coming up- because I think I can avoid buying a whole mess of Wilton/cake decorating stuff. Just knowing there is a gift giving occasion on the horizon will keep me in check.

I think I have to bake a cake sometime between now and my third class- we have to bring one to our fourth, and final class. I want to practice splitting and leveling the cake- not to mention frosting it. So, guess my coworkers will have something yummy to snack on in a week or two...

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Kate said...

Aw, crap, you have to bring a cake in? That is not something I'd anticipated either. I am maybe rethinking doing this class now. Neither Zav nor I are much in the way of cake bakers...