Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wilton Class 2

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Last night I had my second Wilton class. This week's class was definitely more fun because it was hands on and I got to try the techniques being modeled. I am definitely a learn by seeing then doing person.

We learned how to make stars (using a star tip), wavy lines, outlines, dots, print, cursive, and then the toughest part of the evening: the base and center petal for the rose.

I knew going in that the rose would be the hardest technique for me to learn. I tried to read ahead in the class book to prepare, but that only made me more confused.

I had a tough time building the base of the rose. Mine kept coming out more like a witch hat and less like a mountain (what it should have looked like). Part of the problem was that my stiff frosting had sort of wilted (ha ha, no pun intended) in the heat of the classroom. The other part of the problem was all me. I don't think I was putting enough pressure on the piping bag.

Eventually, I got a nice little mountain and then started trying to make the center petal. Above is a photo of the best one I made all night. It's a little hard to see the details because the frosting is so white- but you'll have to believe me when I say this little sucker is not easy to do.

Next week we will finish learning how to build the rose. Our instructor suggested that we bring in a cake pan (or cupcake pan) to take our completed roses home, if we chose to do so. The roses can be made in advance and stored in a cool, dry box (aka tupperware) for a while to use later. They need to crust (the icing should harden a bit) before you place them on the cake, so they do just fine waiting a day or two.

We're also going to decorate cupcakes next week. I volunteered to bring in the cupcakes for everyone (mainly so I can try another recipe), and our instructor offered to let us try filling the cupcakes- which I am super excited about. So not only do I have to bring frosting next week (in three colors- yay!), but I also need a batch of cupcakes and some pudding (to fill the cupcakes). Yum.

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