Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ring Pillow

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A very dear friend of mine got married in April. Having gotten married fairly recently myself (2 years ago last month), I offered to do whatever I could to help with the wedding. She asked me to make some tags for favors and to sew her ring pillow. She has a great eye for design and had something very specific in mind. I'd never made a pillow cover before (I have sewn home made pillows, stuffed with fiberfill), but I was definitely up for the challenge.

I had her pick out the fabric- to ensure that it would match the wedding colors, and be something she would want to keep at home, after the wedding (as an accent pillow). She also designed the pattern for the pillow itself.

I had never sewn curves into fabric before. I practiced on some fabric scraps that I had, to get the hang of it. I watched numerous YouTube videos demonstrating the technique. I had more than enough fabric to try again, if I messed up. Of course, being a perfectionist and this being for a friend's wedding, I didn't want to mess up.

Luckily, it turned out pretty well. The blue curve wasn't as even or centered as I would have preferred, but I think I am probably the only person who would have noticed that. You can see from the picture below that sewing the back to the front off set the image a little. The colors in the below picture are also more true to life.

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