Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wilton Class 3

Yesterday I had my third Wilton class- only one more before I finish the first level.

Above are my best rose attempts. My frosting was a little too stiff, so I was having difficulty getting them to hold together. I plan to do some heavy duty practicing this week in preperation for my final class (and cake).

We also learned how to do drop flowers and shell borders. Then we moved on to the Wilton clowns. I thought these guys were kind of creepy, but I took some pictures anyways, just for fun.

My first clown came out looking a little drunk. Immediately after this picture he fell over.

But, my other Clown turned out pretty well- and was very laid back when I was "cleaning up."

1 comment:

Kate said...

Dude, that clown is hella creepy. Please to not be doing any designs like that in the future. I like your roses, I can tell that with smoother frosting, they'd be on their way to rocking. Can't wait to see some of your future attempts.