Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thanks (Playbill)

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This card was a thank you for my parents. They bought me tickets to see Chorus Line on Broadway- which definitely deserved a big thanks!

I was inspired by the Playbill from the show and tried to give the card the same feeling. The letters and apples were cut out using my Cricut.

I stacked the apples up using varying sizes. I used apples because New York City is so often referred to as the Big Apple, and I felt they gave the card the same look as the original Playbill.

Congrats (Birth of Baby)

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I got the idea for this card from the booklet in with my Doodlecharms cartridge.

The baby face and bag were all cut out using my Cricut.

I stamped "congrats" on the baby bag, and went over it using a gel pen.

A quick and easy card that still looks super cute.

Good Luck!

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This card was a gift for my Ballroom Dance instructor. She and another instructor have a competition this weekend. Unfortunately, I can't attend as I will be out of town- but I wanted to let her know that I was rooting for her.

I used my Cricut to cut out the tag and the letters in my instructor's name. I used a small stamp for the senitment on the tag, and then went over the ink with a gel pen to help it stand out more. I also outlined and dotted the green portion of the letters with the gel pen.

Guitar Hero Congratulations

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This is a wedding card I made recently for a very unique couple. As a gift, a group of us gave them Guitar Hero II and an extra controller. I decided to make the card in the same theme as the gifts.

I paper pieced the two guitars together. The red piece was cut seperately from the black piece (neck of the guitar) and the individual buttons at the top (red, green, etc- just like on a real controller) were cut out seperately as well.

After piecing them together, I used gel pens for the whammy bar, strum button, and the start/select buttons. I used used one to give the guitar the illusion of having frets- which don't show up at all in the picture.

The sentiment inside the card reads, "Now you can Rock 'n Roll all night and party every day!"