Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Have a Drink

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I also made Martini shaped cookies for the Jewelry party. I like a little variety (at least in shapes, if not in flavors) in my cookies, and I know some people don't like candy on their cookies.

These were a little more challenging, because I couldn't really get the sugar sprinkles to spread the way I wanted them to. I wanted a more concentrated grouping towards the bottom of the "glass" with a lighter sprinkle at the top- simulating a fizzy martini. Sprinkles are like my nemisis. I love them (they're delicious and look fantastic), but I always have a hard time getting them to cooperate.

I was going to use the dragees here too, but again opted not to. I do think that next time I will put some food coloring in the royal icing (here used to pipe the outline of the martini glass) to have the color match the sprinkles.

Enough martinis to last me for days...

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Stampin' Meg said...

How cute-I'll have a pink cosmo, please!