Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Give yourself a Hand

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I co-hosted a Jewelry party this weekend at my place. I wanted to come up with some fun and creative snacks. I love a good cheese and cracker plate as much as anyone, but since I love to bake I wanted to make something fun.

I saw these adorable hand cookies in a book (I'll find the source later), and thought they would be just perfect. The cookie cutter I got (from cookiecutter.com) was smaller than the size in the book, so I had to improvies a bit with the candies. I used Spice Drops (cut in half) for the rings and Hershey Mini Kissables for the bracelets. The candies were secured on the cookie using Royal Icing.

I want to get some dragees to use as accents, but unfortunately that did not happen in time. I don't think anyone noticed but me, as usual.

Here's a shot of all the cookies lined up on the counter, after being decorated.

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Joanne (Stamps4sanity) said...

These cookies are so clever! What a fun idea!