Thursday, April 12, 2007

Diaper Cake & Exploding Scrapbook

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This is my first ever diaper cake. I wanted to keep it small mainly because I wasn't sure how many diapers it would take or how heavy it would get. I actually like the size a lot. I used close to two packages of diapers (one newborn size, and one the next size up). My only regret is that the larger diapers had a picture printed on them.

To make the diaper cake I used instructions at Wiki-How. I used a cardboard cake circle as a base. If I had gotten a bit of a larger circle, I probably would have decorated it around the edges.

I didn't add a lot of "extras" to the cake. I know that a lot of people hide other gifts and things inside, but diapers are quite expensive. And, I didn't really see a lot that went with my color theme (this was for a shower with both parents, I didn't want the father to feel overwhelmed with "pink/girlie" colors- as they are having a girl). I added two wrist rattles to the cake, and a teething ring.

To top the cake, I used an Exploding Scrapbook. I decorated the entire scrapbook, so that once the baby is born, all the parents need to do is add photos and journaling. I even cut out letters and numbers so that they could have the date of birth.

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