Friday, August 21, 2009

Neopolitan Cupcakes

I've been itching to make Neopolitan cupcakes pretty much all summer long. I had planned to make them for a BBQ at our new house. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided that this summer would be a mix of rain and unbareably humid thus prohibiting any comfortable BBQs (at least in our busy schedule).

Last weekend, I had a party to go to. A friend who moved across the country was in town. The perfect occasion to bust out a recpie I'd been dreaming about for months.

I tried out a new chocolate cake recipe. While the cake is delicioius, it's a bit too moist for a filled cupcake. I would definitely use this again for chocolate cupcakes, but not any filled cupcakes.

The filling is a strawberry cream, made using fresh pureed strawberries. I was a little uncertain about the cream at first. I felt you didn't get a strong enough strawberry flavoring. I shouldn't have worried. It's perfect.

The frosting is my go-to Vanilla buttercream.

The cupcake came out just right. I might try again, but with a strawberry cake and chocolate filling- because I didn't feel like the filling here was enough of a surprise (my ultimate goal).


Brewfus said...

Great post!

Sadly, by the time I dropped by (to brew), these delicacies were past their prime. I almost ate one anyway, but your husband talked me back from that ledge.

O, to have met one of these Neopolitan cupcakes in their prime...

rissykay99 said...

Yeah, sorry about that. I meant to toss those before you came over. I'll have to make them again sometime- and let you get a fresh one.

geechface said...

Yum yum. I nominate you for dessert over Turkey Day.