Wednesday, February 20, 2008


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Surprise, surprise loyal readers! I do more than just scrapbook and make cards. I think I have an obsessive personality when it comes to crafts. If I hear or see something that I think is interesting, I have to try it. I've been knitting for about three years now. It's not a constant (like scrapbooking and cardmaking are), but I pick it up whenever the weather gets chilly.

Originally I was going to make six (maybe seven?) scarves as gifts this year. Then we decided to do a gift exchange and that thought went out the window. I still had a friend that I wanted to give a gift to, so I decided to make a scarf.

This is the first time that I worked with the Trellis yarn. It's one that I always look at when I'm in the store, but never felt ready to attempt using. It calls for a size 15 needle, but I think I used a 10. I don't like for my scarves to be knit too loosely, and I often find that the suggested size creates a loose knit feel.

The finished product didn't photograph very well, but I loved it. I almost didn't want to part with it. In fact, I think that maybe next winter I'll pick up a skein and make a scarf for myself.

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