Wednesday, February 20, 2008


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I love giving homemade gifts. I can't always do that because sometimes I just can't come up with something appropriate. This year for my Mother's birthday, I decided to make her some aprons. She has been taking cooking classes and really getting into it for a few years now. She has an apron (maybe two) at home- but just the boring white ones. I had read an article about hostess aprons and thought that they would be a great gift for Mom since she often hosts dinners at her house.

I looked through a lot of patterns before settling on the two above. There was just something about the deliciously retro feel that drew me in. Originally, I set out to make four aprons (two full, two half)- three from the pattern on the left, and one from the pattern on the right.

As her birthday approached, life kind of got int he way. Ultimately, I ended up only completing two aprons. I still have all of the fabric and the patterns, so I hope to finish the other two at a later date for her.

I made the full apron pictured in the center of the Butterick pattern. That was quite a challenge. I had never sewn a ruffle before. I think it turned out ok in the end, but I definitely learned a lot about how to sew two curved pieces together. I would highly suggest practicing that first on some "extra" fabric you have laying around. It's not as easy as you might think.

I made the half apron pictured in the bottom right corner of the Butterick pattern. That one went much smoother.

Both aprons turned out very cute, but I definitely had to make up parts of the pattern on my own. I dont' know if anyone else has this problem, but I consistently am unable to understand sections of pattern instructions. I think whoever writes those directions thinks you are a mind reader. They go from pinning piece A to piece B directly to sewing the cross section of F to the rouched edges of piece A. What? When was I supposed to rouche A?

Anyhow. Sewing is definitely a labor of love. I always love the things I make, but while I'm in the process I feel like kicking and screaming.

(I used the chicken fabric on the right for the full apron
and the fabric right next to that for the half apron)

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I too have problems with patterns, except I think I'm just to lazy to read instructions. I just want to jump right in and start sewing so I try to figure it all out on my own and that doesn't end up being the right thing to do. I have been looking at apron patterens for a while but have yet to try one, maybe sometime soon.