Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PJ Pants

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Another year, another round of PJ pants. I made pants last year for the family (my Husband and my immediate family) as a way to incorporate some of my Husband's traditions into my family's Christmas.

I was a little hesitant to make them again this year because they are so time consuming. However, after polling the family everyone wanted another pair, so off I went to the fabric store. I took requests this year (left to right: Pa, my sister, Mom, myself, and my Husband).

I couldn't find the pattern I used last year, so I had to purchase a different one. That...turned into a miniature disaster. Last year's pattern was so insanely easy (two pieces per pair of pants) and this year's was slightly less so. This year's pattern called for a yoke around the waist line. I? was not into that.

Instead, I chose to cut the top longer (to allow extra room to fold over the waist band myself). I also left out the pockets from this pattern because who even uses pockets in their pj pants? The pocket reduction caused no problems. The yoke reduction? Yeah, major problems.

I just didn't allow enough room in the top of the pants. My pair specifically ended up being below the waist line (which is sometimes ok for jeans- sometimes- but not ever for pjs) and a major disappointment. I did get the elastic right this year (last year the waistband was too loose), so at least there's that.

Of course, after Christmas, I found the pattern from last year. I will be using that one next year.

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