Monday, October 06, 2008

Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

Last weekend I tried out the Magnolia Vanilla cupcake recipe again. I'd gotten a nice new sifter and was hoping it would help make the cupcakes less dense.

I made 2 dozen full size cupcakes (for a coworker's birthday at my husband's office) and still had tons of batter left over. So, I figured I would make some mini's for my office.

I got More from Magnolia as a birthday gift and wanted to try out another recipe from the book. I picked out the Cream Cheese Butterscotch frosting. I was not really very pleased with it. The other cream cheese overpowered the other flavors, and I had wanted something different for the frosting to balance the vanilla cupcake.

I think I overbaked the minis a little- this being my frist time making them. But, I was happier with the Magnolia Vanilla recipe this time. Although I learned that I should halve it next time.

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Kate said...

Mmm, tiny cuppycakes. That's what I ended up doing with the rest of my batter from my last batch of cupcakes (though I didn't have tiny papers, so I had to grease up the pan and everything). Except it was such an afterthought and I was more worried about the actual BIG cupcakes getting the right amount of done that the little ones got a little over-done, for sure.

I have that cookbook, and used the vanilla "buttercream" icing which was pretty standard (though everyone was all "sooooo good"), I'm sorry you keep having some negative experiences with their stuff. However, I've made a few of the cookie recipes in that book and they are pretty good.