Monday, July 18, 2011

Wonder Woman Inspired Baby Attire

So, I had a baby almost four months ago. My last post was written five days before my little lady decided to make her dramatic entrance into the world.

Since then, I've been busy, but I have found some time for crafts and baking. To make up for being so absent since last summer (holy crap, for a full year- that's really bad, I'm sorry!), I'm going to post every day this week. Woo!

First up is the newest outfit I made for my tiny one.

I love Wonder Woman. I've loved her since I was small- I had a photo of Lynda Carter as WW in my room and I even made my own WW costume for Halloween in high school. So, when my daughter was born (we didn't find out our baby's gender in advance) I knew she needed at least one WW outfit.

A few years ago DC Comics put out a Justice League series called The New Frontier. The artwork in the series is absolutely gorgeous. So, that's the image I chose for the onesie. I used a simple iron-on, printed the image in reverse (so the text would display properly), and resized it to fit on the onesie. I looked for fabric that would match WW, but I couldn't find any blue fabric with plain white stars. Ultimately, I'm pretty happy with the fabric I did find.

Next time, I think I'll invest in some printable fabric instead of iron-on material. The onesie looks just fine, but the image is already starting to break up because of how stretchy onesies have to be by nature. I was originally planning to sew the skirt directly onto the onesie. However, I decided to make it a separate piece so that we could pair it with other outfits.

Tomorrow? I'll be sharing some cross stitching.

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