Monday, July 25, 2011

Personalized Onesies

More blogging goodness- Hooray.

My husband's coworker recently had a beautiful, healthy little girl. We wanted to give them a small gift (separate from the office gift) because we also do things with them socially.

Like myself, my husband's coworker is hoping that she can offer her daughter a wardrobe that isn't all pinks. If you've been in any store that sells baby clothing recently you'll know what a challenge that can be sometimes (personally, I've taken to shopping the boy section on occasion- what? My daughter can rock a guitar onesie like no one's business.)

Mom & Dad both enjoy comics which is something that we have in common. I decided to make some fun onesies for their new baby that would celebrate their love of comics and superheroes.

I took some scanned comic panels and arranged them in photoshop, and then printed reverse images onto iron-on material. From left to right we've got Women of DC, X-Men, and Tiny Titans. The inset photo (Girls Kick Butt!) is on the rear of the Tiny Titans onesie. They all turned out fantastic.

I think the next time I consider making a personalized gift like this, I'll look into printable fabric. It's a more permanent medium and I think the extra dimension would make the onsies even more interesting.

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