Monday, February 08, 2010

The Best Accidental Cookies, Ever

This cookie has been transported across state lines to prove its deliciousness. It is requested by out of state visitors. It doesn't last more than three days before it disappears. And to think this cookie almost never existed.

Last year, right around the holidays I tried out a gingerbread cupcake recipe. I didn't blog about it because the holidays were crazy for me and I wasn't super enthusiastic about the end result.

After making the cupcakes, I ended up with a whole lot of left over ginger cream cheese frosting. I hate to throw out left overs. In fact, right at this very moment I am pretty sure I have two piping bags full of frosting in my fridge, because I am pretending I will use them.

What's a girl to do with that much extra ginger cream cheese frosting? The holidays were looming overhead and I thought "gingerbread cookies!" I made the cookies and slapped the frosting in the middle, as a Holiday cookie sandwich. Then, I fed them to my visiting friends. That's how I knew I'd hit the jackpot.

Truth be told, no matter how much I love a recipe it just doesn't seem like a real hit until someone else craves the dessert as much as I do.

This past weekend some of my closest girlfriends came into town. I knew I was going to be baking cupcakes, but I had been craving these cookies since the holidays. They were on the "to-bake" list for the holidays, but time ran short and I got tired.

And this time, I managed to take a picture before the cookies were all eaten up. So, there you go.

Best Accidental Cookie. Ever.


Kate said...

Um, when I made the MASSIVE amount of frosting for the Magnolia cupcakes, which I told you about, I had a few pints leftover, despite piling it as much as possible on the cupcakes. I put it in the fridge all "I will find another use for this." That use was essentially scooping it out, one fingerful at a time, until it was all in my tummy. True story.

Danger Kitten said...

Wish I had gotten to taste some of these cookies (Steve said they were awesome!). When you made the hostess-esque cupcakes, did you make them cream filled? I wanted to try that but it sounded complicated. I've never filled a cupcake before!

Brewfus said...

Thank goodness your gingerbread cake was a failure! Otherwise, I wouldn't have had he chance to eat three (or was it four) of these amazing little treats last time I was over for home brew related activities...