Monday, September 19, 2011

Felt Truck

I went to a birthday party for a friend's two year old son a few months ago (yes, yes- I know it took too long for me to get this post up), and even though we weren't supposed to bring gifts you know I couldn't resist something small and homemade.

My friend's son, G, is really into trucks. I don't know much about trucks, but thankfully I happened upon this great tutorial on Make it and Love it. I omitted several of the details because G doesn't have the book that was used for the model, and I really did want something relatively quick to make.

It was so easy, I can't believe I never thought to try something like this before. I've made some two dimensional things out of felt (and other fabrics) before, but now that I have a vague idea on how to make them three dimensional, I'm looking forward to trying it again.

This has been dubbed G's "snuggle truck" and apparently doubles as a comfy pillow. Hooray!


Kate said...

Did you stuff this with cotton fill or with foam? I love the idea of it being structural enough to use as a pillow, but I've only stuffed softies with fill before.

rissykay99 said...

I should've mentioned that- d'oh!

It's stuffed with fill. I don't really care much for foam in plush toys because It's not very forgiving.

I don't want to share the photo I got of G using it as a pillow (because, not my kid)- but I tend to stuff things pretty full.