Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chocolate Covered Blueberry Cake

This weekend we went to a friend's place for a small dinner party of sorts. I volunteered to make dessert because, that's what I do.

And then, on Thursday night I panicked because I had no idea what to bake. I didn't want to make cookies (I made enough of those in December) and *gasp* I didn't feel like making cupcakes. What in the heck was I going to do?

My husband suggested I make a cake. Being the chocolate lover that I am, I responded with "a chocolate one, obviously." Then I proceeded to mull over filling options out loud.

"What about blueberry," asked my husband. Hmm, chocolate and blueberries? I wasn't sure about that combination. But, then I remembered that when we visited Ghirardelli in CA we ate some delicious chocolate covered blueberries.

So, on Saturday I put together a chocolate layer cake using my go-to chocolate recipe (Martha's 1-bowl chocolate cake). Because I'm not a huge fan of fruit jam layers in my cake (personal preference), I decided to make a fresh blueberry whipped cream for the filling.

I don't really use a recipe anymore when I make whipped cream, I kind of wing it. For this particular whipped cream, I put two containers of fresh blueberries (approx 2 cups-ish) into my food processor and pureed them. Then I put the puree into my kitchenaid with a pint of heavy cream, a tablespoon of sugar, and about a teaspoon of vanilla and using the whisk attachment beat the mixture on high until peaks formed.

To top it all off, I used a dark chocolate frosting recipe, which I think is too rich/sweet to not be a ganache (though, technically, it isn't as it does not use cream at all). This is another recipe from Martha. I halved the recipe though, because it makes 5 cups which is just about always way too much.

I would recommend refrigerating cake until serving, and storing any left overs in the fridge as well.



Danger Kitten said...

Yay! I'm so glad to see this posting, especially the beautiful picture since I never got to see the cake before it was cut. The blueberry whipped cream was, indeed, delicious and fresh--it would probably be good on a vanilla cake too or with shortcake biscuits, something I'll have to try when and if it ever warms up around here.

A piccoli passi said...

so fare un dolce squisito..una tradizione italiana : " tiramisu con la Nutella " è buonissimo ;)) Anche il tuo non è male ...buon finesettimana..Nicoletta

chelsea said...

Wow! It looks so yummy!

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bicyclecrazy said...

they look so delicious

Edible Art said...

wow, looks delicious !

sell wow accounts said...

OMG! that is absolutely delicious.=)